In The Driving Seat – Control & Command Centres


Whether you’re monitoring vital functions, overseeing complex operations, or dispatching key personnel in times of crisis – anywhere that you have a critical function that needs to be monitored – Orbit Axis video walls and command control solutions are the answer. With powerful control capabilities that result in seamless 24/7 fully equipped operations; these solutions are core to your critical operations facilities. Using our years of expertise in designing and integrating the most technologically advanced systems, we can create a cost-effective, state-of-the-art solution to fit your needs.

Deployed across multiple industries such as corporate, government, telecommunications, and transport/traffic control, our solutions support critical applications in:

  • Command Control & Network Operation Centres – power management centres, telecommunication operation centres, traffic control, military C3I and war rooms, governmental agencies, emergency operations centres, security operations centres
  • Commercial and Conferencing – video and audio conferencing, convention and conference centres, data control centres, financial displays
  • Infotainment – airports, train and bus stations, shopping malls and arcades, museums, digital signage, theme parks, TV and production studios
  • Simulation and CAD Design Centres – land, marine, and air traffic simulation training centres, CAD design centres, virtual reality

Seamless automation and control. Intelligent systems. Direct and one-on-one. Flexible. Simple and easy to use. One-touch control. Maximized efficiency. Enhanced productivity. Hospitality solutions from Orbit Axis.